Suzhou Jinquan New Material Co., Ltd

By 2025, with "Jinquan" brand as the center, focus on PPS, PLA and other fiber new materials and intelligent flexible production equipment, improve the company's popularity and brand influence, adhere to the fiber new material industry and consolidate the industrial base point; Integrate into the capital market, focus on customer value with capital leveraging industrial development as the fulcrum; Focus on intelligent manufacturing; Focus on pragmatism and efficiency, driven by optimizing talents; Pull with scientific and technological means and promote with continuous innovation; With the help of vertical and horizontal cooperation, the operating revenue doubled; Per capita efficiency doubling; Doubling of per capita income; Social contribution doubled; Market capitalization multiplication

Jinquan mission:
Lead the sustainable development of fiber industry and promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature
Jinquan vision:
Green intelligent manufacturing, golden color source
sense of worth:
Respect nature, respect partners and enjoy career
  • management idea
    Integrity - do what you say and do what you do
    Competition and cooperation - orderly competition, cooperation and development
    Win win - mutual benefit and joint development
  • management philosophy
    Responsibility - standardized implementation and active commitment
    Open - aggressive and dare to challenge
    Innovation - full participation and scientific development
  • Talent concept
    Respect, care and improve employees
    Jinquan works with employees to build, share and seek common welfare
  • Brand concept
    Take "Jinquan" brand as the center, coordinate resources and look forward to the future
  • service idea
    Customer first, agile and effective, win-win cooperation
  • Innovative ideas
    Focus on customer value; Focus on intelligent manufacturing; Focus on pragmatism and efficiency

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